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We are the best desert safari service provider in Dubai. If you are visiting Dubai or the resident of United Arab Emirates, you must have to go for this tour. It’s an adventurous tour and as well as bring peace of mind.

Desert Safari Dubai Activities:

Dune Bashing Dubai

Dune Bashing is a rough ride in the desert, and it’s one of the main part of any desert tour. It’s a thrilling ride and must to do thingy while you are in Dubai. Bashing in Dubai desert is not recommended for seniors and as well as for infants.

People with the heart problem, with the back problem and pregnant ladies, are not allowed to go for the dune bashing.

For this thrilling ride, we will take you to the red dunes. The area is called Al Lehbab area. It’s around 50 minutes’ drive from downtown Dubai. Fossil rocks located near this area. The height of the few dunes are more than 250 meters.

Camel Ride in Dubai

Camel ride is part of almost all the desert tours. It’s a part of basic package but only for few minutes. Basic package includes only a short trip used to take pictures. But you can extend it by paying extra. You can add it on all the safari packages. Either you are going for morning, evening or overnight tour you can book camel tour with it also.

Sand-Boarding in Dubai

Sand boarding is similar to snowboarding and takes place on sand hills instead of snow covered mountains. It includes riding across or down a dune while both of the feet strapped to a board. It’s a part of all the tours of desert.

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